Wednesday, 17 February 2010

This is an experiment using jossticks and lighting matches to create a wispy smoke. It is very difficult to take photographs of smoke as its not like a solid object. I used a black background with a spotlight shining a light through the smoke. It is mainly down to pot luck weather the photographs turn out or not as you have to be quick and try wafting it to make swirls. I have manipulated these photographs i have taken on photoshop to bring out the detail a little more. I think this affect does create a look of a smell. Changing the colour of the smoke can help you imagine what the smell could smell like for example the blue could smell cold and fresh the red could smell warm or of things like blood, fire, passion, this could look interesting on a book cover but then i discovered the last book cover made by penguin had a smoke design on the front so that idea realy went out the window.

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