Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Groovy shoe advert

70s dexter shoes poster from 1971
I saw this and had to put it on my blog i love the sense of movement and bold colours, its all very roughly drawn it adds to the rawness of the design. taken from the book 70s all american ads.

Monday, 28 September 2009

1920s charleston dance
I would like to incorporate some of these dance moves from the youtube link below, into my animation. I also want include a bit of this lively jazzy charleston music i think its ace i dont no why i didnt think of it sooner! im keeping it simple by just using legs and arms for my animation realy excited about doing it now ive seen this video!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

I was trying to think of animations that i have realy liked, and i remembered this persil advert, This was on quite a while ago, the robot is soooo cute! I just think its brilliant the way its done the advert is set from a young childs view of how everything seems so new and exciting as simple as being outside seems like a big adventure. This advert has so much feeling and emotion i think that has something to do with the music, and it makes me want to jump into a big muddy puddle :D

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Liverpool 17th September 09

I was mostly intrigued by this sculpture the illusion of a never ending space.

Me, Beverly and Janet took a trip down to liverpool to check out the DLA Piper Series is this sculpture exhibition where there was also a silent disco at the Tate gallery. As you walked in you put on a pair of earphones which were playing funky 80's disco music, you could choose from two channels and there was a light up dance floor with disco lights flashing around the room you could have a "boogie on down" whilst looking at great sculptures, the disco setting was a huge break out from the audinary stereotypical exhibit, this totaly banished the usualy quiet, dull, mundane feeling of looking round an art gallery. This unusual spin on the exhibition made me look at the sculptures in a whole new light, i feel the music made it allot more interesting and slightly humourous as i could imagine the statues dancing around to the music. Aswell as being a great day out (and visiting are LJMU students union just because we could) it was definately well worth seeing.
Also What i love about liverpool is the beautiful old and new buildings

my creations

These are rough photographs i have taken of my ideas for characters that i may use for something one day i find it realy enjoyable creating these faces and sometimes i can get realy immersed in it. Made using found objects from around the garden and shed.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

I noticed this unusual face in the wall on Newzealand road near Vernon park when i was bored waiting in traffick and wondered who did it? n i wonder if theres any more around? and if anyone knows where? im going to keep looking to see if i find more! i realy like the randomness of it!