Tuesday, 20 October 2009

These Animations are created by the illustrator/ animator Carolina melis

Thursday, 15 October 2009

siloueted branches of trees could look interesting on a carpet design.

From Looking at the mullberry fashions and interior designs on the internet, books and in fashion magazines, i came up with a list of ideas that i could look into for my mullberry carpet design. mullberry are a very english company, also very fashionable as many of their clothing and handbags feature in magazines like vogue.
-old cars
-seaside i.e yachts, anchor, steering wheel
-floral designs
-Tudor times
-old furniture
-grande piano
-Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer
-daisy/poppy fields
-horse riding/racing
-celtic cross designs
From this list i concopted a source of images which i felt fit in best with the mullberry theme that could look good as a carpet design.

This is my attempt at using istop motion! not perfect, but im quite pleased with the finished product. Using some elements i created from over the summer. I mainly researched dolls so i had alot of dolls limbs that i had cut in different possitions to work with. This was only supposed to be 30 seconds long but i got a bit carried away. The figure was supposed to move in a way chosen from a list of words given so i chose dancing.

Vladimir Sulyagin

To begin my animation I started off using silouetes of arms, legs, hands and feet cut out from paper. I was notified by eleanor of an artist named Vladimir Sulvagin who works in a loose collage style called paper spirits and immediately fell in love with his way of capturing the characters of people just using simple bits of paper in a very minimalistic approach. He only uses a very limited amount of colour on each piece.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Jo showed me this book on amazon Faces by Francois and Jean Robert Chronicle books 2000. and i had to get it The story goes that one day Jean Robert discovered a face in a padlock and ever since then he and his brother Francois have been photographing objects that resemble faces, from pretty much anything. Each face seems to have its own personality this coincides with the way i like to work so i decided to include this on here as i constantly see faces in things i.e bin trucks or in the bathroom tiles, in wooden furniture, ive just seen one on the stapler they are everywhere. I wonder wether they are designed like that intentionally or just by accident.

this is somebodys blog whose found some goodens http://facesinplaces.blogspot.com/