Friday, 7 May 2010

i created these using computer components wich i took out of broken electrical things and radios.

These masks made by me and liz wee inspired by the mecian masks we had such allot of fun creating them.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

looking at the book pens are my friends by John Burgerman i can now truly appreciate how much goes into his work that i didnt quite gather from looking at the more refined clean lines and block colours that i had stuck in my mind in all honest i prefer to see a bit of texture and accidental marks and smudges but looking deeper into his work i have found a great sense of humour in the little characters and wierd worlds they live in.

This is the front of the book cover i designed. The hair is meant to look like smell lines. The 1st girl that is murdered has red hair so that had a certain significance, the use of white was to suggest insignificance of everything else as in the story every smell was mundane compared to the smell of a virgin. I wanted the nose and face to be small and insignificant as the main character is an outcast and has no meaning to be on earth other than a super human sense of smell.

3D models by Allan Fletcher

In the exhibition it was said that Alan Fletchers always travelled around with a scetchbook and a bag of drawing materials. He would draw on holiday on the beach even in restaurants and meetings pretty much anywhere and everywhere he would make observations of the world around him.

The New York post card image was created to commemorate the tragic events of the 9?11 alan fletcher was there on the day it happened and imeddiately scoured the shops for the images of the twin towers in the shops.
Although Alan Fletcher is a Graphic designer he still had a playfull illustrative side to his work.

George Fullard

George Fullard (1923 - 73) is an artist I admire as he Assembled his work useing found objects, usually junk, to make three-dimensional sculptures. often out of wooden furniture retrieved from bombsites. Selected elements were carefully combined and sometimes painted
george fullard was badly wounded in the battle of monte casino in 1944 from this it is apperent as his works closely associated conflict and war.

Whats next?

I want to move on my interest in characters further. I have decided i want to start painting and drawing the characters i create out of junk to go in a different direction to try something different and to widen my possibilities in illustration.
I have decided this summer i will try to design some of my own characters and create there own world i have been inspired by Pete Fowler from looking at his "Monsterism" world.

Pete Fowler is a Welsh artist best known for his artwork for the Welsh band Super Furry Animals. He is a freelance illustrator and "monster creator" inspired by Japanese art, folklore, myths, psychedelia and super nature. He has also done a number of other projects in the UK and Japan, such as television advertisements (Kia Picanto), as well as having art exhibitions all over the world. Fowler works in a variety of media, including drawing, painting, animation, and sculpture.
Fowler's art is done in a postmodern cartoon style. His work revolves around a central narrative and features a recurring set of characters. The "monsters" Fowler creates all reside on "Monsterism Island." Fowler invents extensive back-stories for his characters; each has its own specific traits and levels of "monsterism." Fowler is most known for his designer toys of his characters, which he himself manufactures with his own company.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Pierre et Gilles

Pierre et Gilles are gay French artistic and 'romantic' partners. They produce highly stylized photographs, which are very camp in design they build their own sets and costumes and retouch the photographs on photoshop. They overlay and bring in objects for example the horse which may have been tiny and blow it up to a size which leads you to believe everything was already put together or photographed in this way in one big set, we liked this aspect of there work. Their work often features images from popular culture, gay culture including porn and religion.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hanoch Piven

Hanoch piven is a mixed media artist he creates portraits of famous people illustrator he is both popular and succesfull which in my opinion is due to his wit and humour that is apparent in his work.
he cleverly uses a mixture of 3d objects and 2d drawings/paintings very simple but very straight to the point. the objects he uses almost some the persons personality up in a second. he includes objects that the person he is illustrating is widely known for.