Thursday, 6 May 2010

Whats next?

I want to move on my interest in characters further. I have decided i want to start painting and drawing the characters i create out of junk to go in a different direction to try something different and to widen my possibilities in illustration.
I have decided this summer i will try to design some of my own characters and create there own world i have been inspired by Pete Fowler from looking at his "Monsterism" world.

Pete Fowler is a Welsh artist best known for his artwork for the Welsh band Super Furry Animals. He is a freelance illustrator and "monster creator" inspired by Japanese art, folklore, myths, psychedelia and super nature. He has also done a number of other projects in the UK and Japan, such as television advertisements (Kia Picanto), as well as having art exhibitions all over the world. Fowler works in a variety of media, including drawing, painting, animation, and sculpture.
Fowler's art is done in a postmodern cartoon style. His work revolves around a central narrative and features a recurring set of characters. The "monsters" Fowler creates all reside on "Monsterism Island." Fowler invents extensive back-stories for his characters; each has its own specific traits and levels of "monsterism." Fowler is most known for his designer toys of his characters, which he himself manufactures with his own company.

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