Monday, 22 March 2010

Kate Newington makes collage portraits of people and celebrities out of cut up and torn pieces of newspapers magazines and scraps of wrapping paper. she also uses fabric, lettraset, and paper images she then manipulates in Photoshop.

Craig Kanarick has put together these collages made up of sweets they look rather tasty and are a very good obsevation of different colours textures sizes and shapes.

Jason Mecier makes portrait collages out of bits and bobs that have relevance to the person he is making an image of. I like looking at all the individual bits that make up the images to see what he included and whether its what i would imagine these celebritys to be made up of if you could make them out of random objects i wonder what id be made of? probabually lipstick, climbing things, sunshine and chocolate and rusty old bits and bobs and peacock feathers.

A knife sharpener with two faces

by jane

Sunday, 21 March 2010

polly becker is an illustrator who i have only recently discovered. i have never looked at her work before and i wish i had seen it sooner. i find her illustrations quite an eye opener and i hope to have a go at using my objects which i have collected, in a similar way. She uses both found objects and 2d drawn elements in her work. I like the way she uses the old photos of faces roughly cut out with suiting expressions on their faces, and the little dolls legs the way she arranges the images makes you stop and stare to try to solve or unlock the message she is trying to give. I think her work is great to look at and a good reason for this would be that she includes objects of familiarity and that have a human element. i want to try and find more illustrators that work with 3d objects.

here is an earwig, a man with an arm, a happy face

made from junk

by jane

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I find Isidro Ferrer's way of working very interesting to look at. He uses a mixture of found objects and drawn elements in his images. The found objects he uses in his designs always have some kind of significance to the concept behind the idea. I like the way he uses a mixture of 2d and 3d imagery in his work. I would like to use my found ellements for my illustrations in a similar way.