Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Human hair curled then blown with a hairdryer, the affect i wanted to achieve was floaty weightlessness so it looks like its evapourating into the air like a smell. I found it hard to take these photographs because movement creates bluring. To help minimise the blurring i tried to speed up the shutter speed on the camera that helped.

This is another experiment using food colouring in water this looks interesting again like with the smoke you just have to keep trying again and again to get a good image. I placed the glass vase on top of a light box so the light wouldnt bounce off the glass to much. This is a possibility for an image of smell it looks like blood aswell so that would symbolise the murders.

This is an experiment using jossticks and lighting matches to create a wispy smoke. It is very difficult to take photographs of smoke as its not like a solid object. I used a black background with a spotlight shining a light through the smoke. It is mainly down to pot luck weather the photographs turn out or not as you have to be quick and try wafting it to make swirls. I have manipulated these photographs i have taken on photoshop to bring out the detail a little more. I think this affect does create a look of a smell. Changing the colour of the smoke can help you imagine what the smell could smell like for example the blue could smell cold and fresh the red could smell warm or of things like blood, fire, passion, this could look interesting on a book cover but then i discovered the last book cover made by penguin had a smoke design on the front so that idea realy went out the window.

Perfume Puffin competition brief

for the front of my book cover for patrick suskinds book 'Perfume' i decided i wanted to illustrate an image that could look like a smell. obviously you cant see smell, so i found this a very challenging task. I thought it might be a good idea to use hair as smell lines as the girl in book who is very significant has red hair so i decided to experiment different ways i could manipulate the red hair to make it look like a smell.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

For the penguin competition brief i chose to create a book cover design for the book 'Perfume' by Patrick Suskind. After reading the book and watching the film all the way through it made me feel a bit uncomfortable and it made me feel uneasy. I wanted to create a feeling of unease and distress on my front cover. I looked at a british graphic designer named Vaughan Oliver. His work is very engaging and are very undistinguished i realy like his use of mixed media and 3d objects which are photographed. In the story the main character has a super human sense of smell and wants to make the best perfume, he wants to bottle the smell of virgin girls. its a brilliant book but as you can imagine it is very hard drawing a smell! in the book it seems to turn into a science experiment with test tubes and smothering the dead bodies with a substance that draws out the smell.
looking at Vaughan Olivers style of working has helped to gain the unsettling aspect into my image.