Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Liverpool 17th September 09

I was mostly intrigued by this sculpture the illusion of a never ending space.

Me, Beverly and Janet took a trip down to liverpool to check out the DLA Piper Series is this sculpture exhibition where there was also a silent disco at the Tate gallery. As you walked in you put on a pair of earphones which were playing funky 80's disco music, you could choose from two channels and there was a light up dance floor with disco lights flashing around the room you could have a "boogie on down" whilst looking at great sculptures, the disco setting was a huge break out from the audinary stereotypical exhibit, this totaly banished the usualy quiet, dull, mundane feeling of looking round an art gallery. This unusual spin on the exhibition made me look at the sculptures in a whole new light, i feel the music made it allot more interesting and slightly humourous as i could imagine the statues dancing around to the music. Aswell as being a great day out (and visiting are LJMU students union just because we could) it was definately well worth seeing.
Also What i love about liverpool is the beautiful old and new buildings

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