Saturday, 18 December 2010

Green eyed Monster

I was asked to write 250 words on an artist/illustrator who i really envy. I decided that i would write about Sara Fanelli who is a contemporary illustrator. A few of the reasons for me choosing her would be that her illustrations are brilliant, interesting and very different. Fanelli illustrated the classic children's storybook Pinocchio. She has a very playful approach to her illustrations where she combines allot of different colour, texture, techniques and ideas which must take allot of time to conceive. I love the Disney film of pinochio and the traditionally painted characters usually come to mind, so when i saw Sara Fanelli's version i was surprised to see such new and exciting imagery, i had never seen anything like it. I could never tire of looking at Fanelli's illustrations in the book Pinocchio. Fanellis illustrations have a naive childlike quality, they look almost unfinished. She uses a culmination of drawings, collage, photography, paint, the real cut out eyes give her characters a human touch after all allot can be said with eyes.
on some of the pages she includes less detailed innocent looking ink drawings which are simplified re-drawings of the original coll aged characters. She uses a mixture of contrasting colours the illustrations are quite minimalistic she is careful not to overcrowd them.
the book is beautifully translated and very original in design. she uses a limited colour palette which helps tie the images in together using quite natural tones.
Fanelli's illustrations are witty but also quite daring from looking at her designs i feel as though they give me the confidence to use my random designs from seeing Sara Faneli's work i realise illustrations don't have to look exact or precise illustrating is about having fun and using imagination that is something i sometimes forget, i need reminding.

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