Sunday, 1 November 2009

I could only seem to find this clip of the 'Sixth Sense' in French, I do apolgise, but you still get the gist of the idea i hope. I think what makes this part of the film so scary is the atmospheric music on aproach. Going up the spiral staircase totally alone. The scared breathing sounds, something is unknowingly about to happen. The music gives more growing tension as the panicky voices cry out from the room louder and louder. The absolute darkness from the doorway is in full view, you cant see a thing so your mind starts to play tricks on you, as you cant see you can only imagine what things could be lurking within. The scared breathing sounds getting heavier and more panicky as the door slams behind you taking you into complete isolation of the outside world. Feeling totally alone but with an unwanted pressence in the room shuffling sounds as though you are not alone the violent screams, the loud thuds and banging panicked cry's you cant get out of the door then total silence... pretty scary!!!

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